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Saturday, 8-Mar-2008 00:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark

This is Llam. Outlands Home will be making a voyage tonight, wish us well.

Thursday, 6-Mar-2008 22:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
2 1/4 years later....

So we are coming back here as well; it has been ages since we visited last and I recall deleting a number of entries we'd made after the Dec 28 2005 item.

In the interim the Outlands Community has grown. We have Members and Associates worldwide and have a couple of websites up and running. We've successfully demonstrated that telepathy can be taught within 15 minutes for free. If you should come across this page and wonder wtf I'm talking about, you can e-mail us at, just be sure to put the word "telepathy" in the header. You'd need an IM - we have MSN, Yahoo! and the one that comes with GMail; we detest Yahoo! and won't have AIM, so that leaves you with Gmail or MSN. We prefer MSN because it takes up the least amount of room and doesn't hog you computer at startup the way Yahoo! and AIM does.

If you are interested in the Outlands Community - now the Outlands Community USA - you can visit our main website at Or you can e-mail us, leave a comment at the site or whatever!

Roy Waidler
mortal steward
Outlands Community USA

Wednesday, 28-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Are we for real?

ROY: We have been talking about addressing an isssue that some people must think or say to themselves, and that is the reality of what is claimed for the Outlands Community: that we are composed of flesh-and-blood and spiritual beings. I claim that I chanel all of these people. I claim that some of them are my partners - I mean, we are talking what used yo be called 'marriage' here. I claim that some of them have helped save my life and save me from my evil old self. That's a big statement.

There are plenty of objections, some of which are serious, to what I claim. A lot fo it seems also to contradict what is known of science. We are gonna try to address that also. We feel that this is important because it would be real easy for someone to say it's all hokum like Scientology or fundamentalist Christianity. One of the things we wish to establish is some semblance of credibility. We want to be open to questions, objections and all. (I would ask that if you wish to firepit me or us, please go elsewhere)

There were two periods in my life where I felt that I had to establish, at least for myself, that I wasn't going or gone crazy, and in that regard I feel I have succeeded. Convincing oneself that one is not crazy can be easy, conveniently easy - but today I want to start getting the type of questions I've gotten from people who know me face to face - am I schizophrenic? have I ever told a psychological professional about this? Is this what happens when you take LSD and kindred things for four decades? Am I being deluded by the devil? Has anyone else 'met' or 'seen' people in the Community?

SARA: One of the things that I feel we as a community lack is a math expert, someone who is good at the kind of math needed in modern molecular physics. I say that because at best we are poets and artists, or good at various aspects of 'being human.' I guess I must provide an example. Today a lot of research has been accomplished regarding the Standard Model, as it is called, of particle-physics. Quite a lot of money is being spent at the moment to build particle-colliders which will, or should, establish the existence of sub-atomic particles like the Higgs boson. The reason this is done is because promising theory developed by the late Richard Feyneman and improved upon by others has established the existence of thinks like quarks, gluons and various kinds of neutrino.We on the other hand have not much 'hard science' to back up what are at best the subjective claims of people like Roy. We have leads which seem to hold promise for the development of a science of alternative realities. For one thing, I exist in a different dimension than flesh-and-blood human beings; I am a human being; and again, this is my own subjective observation, but it appears that the world within which I live vibrates a faster rate than the flesh-and-blood world; the archons live in a higher vibrational frequency, and the various angelic or devic beings live in a higher worls still. It has been said that 'your' world vibrates at 7.8Hz, or cycles-per-second, therefore mine would seem to vibrate at a higher frequency; as someone like Roy, or any other channeler, can 'access' our world, I would then be led to believe that my world is in some sort of harmonic relationship to your world. In other words, perhaps my world vibrates at 15.6Hz, or 11.7Hz, which would, in the Pythagorean understanding of harmony, be in a resonant relationship with your world. Having said that, if you have any understanding of the math involved in physics, you will know that by using Pythagorean harmonic theory I am referring to a mathematical model of your world that is 2500 years old and has little relevance to physics as it actually is today.
Another obstacle is the current attitude of a good portion of the scientific world which simply says that I cannot exist, therefore what is being put forwards here is the fabrication or delusion of one person. I want to go on record as saying that I personally support a lot of the debunking and much of the critical skepticism that is available concerning these matters, simply because so much of what is claimed is so much nonsense, and is put forwards as a religious or spiritual truth so that individuals can make money from the credulous. As two examples I would cite Scientology and the Emin Society. Both have made their founders , Hubbard (now deceased) and Armin, huge sums of money, while what they have delivered is of questionable value. Scientology in particular suffers from bad science, plain and simple. People have almost died from their so-called health regimens, which can involve saunas and lots of niacin; that alone can be a deadly combination. Further, if you want to 'get ahead' in either organization, be prepared to part with lots of your money. And, as a sidebar, how different is this from any church that passes a collection plate?
We want to begin putting what we say on a respectable scientific footing and as we are now we just cannot. There has been any amount of 'scientific testing' to see whether or not anything is happening when a channeler channels, or a faith healer heals; in some instances, yes, something is definitely going on; the Rhines began establishing that at Duke in the 1940's. But this is mere subjective evidence, at best any instrumentation used to detect the energy released during, say, telekinetic exhibitions, are extensions of eyes and ears: something is going on, but WHAT? What mathematical model does this testing seem to verify? There simply is none that we know of.
At the beginning of the 20th century Einstein worked out a lot of the math involved in establishing the general, and then special, theory of relativity. Since then physicists have had a lot of time and money to debate, argue about, improve and extend Einstein. We on the other hand are at about the level of Mesmerism as it was known at the end of the 18th century - hardly credible science!
Some of this information will be replicated at Stro Moon Daglo's blog:

within a day or two

Saturday, 24-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Not what you think it is!

Friday, 16-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Macromedia Flash Player 8 can go to hell! and Ia'sfz'ada

ROY: Lately wherever I go on the Internet I'll inevitably see my pop-up blocker keeping out an outfit called "Macromedia, Inc." for their 'Macromedia Flash Player 8,' which if you are silly enough to download without reading the EULA real carefully you will wind up with 'thrid party software' which means adware generators, spyware and possible viruses. Although the company would probably squeal with protest that they don't do things like that, I'm one of those people who take the time to read EULAs and check for certificates before I download anything from the internet. There was a version of this floating around on MySpace back in September and it had 'third-party software" bundled in with it. I reported this to MySpace at the time, and they did...nothing. Just like they have still done nothing about the spyware/adware/virus they have floating around in some of their "Spiff p MySpace with MyLook" links and pop-ups. I want to start publicizing this Macromedia thing, because it has the potential to ruin a lot of computers. Anyway, thanks for your patience, guys. HURRAIN: Thank you oh Sai Du Muxch! Look, we have a real problem with this guy Ia'sfz'ada. He is the way he is and sees nothing wrong in absorbing everything in his path. Only, wups, there goes the Outlands Community. Oopsie, there goes the solar system. He doesn't want to be changed and I can't blame him; who would want to go on after knowing they'd been permanently altered? On the other hand I can't just grab him and toss him a million light years away, he'd go right on doing what he does best, only in someone else's neighborhood. LLAM: Agreed, Dark One. Is there protection for us, or should I say, from him? DIOTH: Obviously, otherwise we'd be a memory. What did you do to him? ROY: I'm not sure, but I think I made a small universe and put him in it. LLAM: Look, you're good, but I doubt you're that good. HURRAIN: Don't underestimate him, he outmaneuvered Verd'laak. KHUOZA: Impressive I admit but not the same order. ROY: I'm...simply not afraid, is all. Whether I did or I didn't, he's wherever he is and if he's absorbed so much stuff he probably has the resources to bust outta there. SEIMA: True. RED RAIN: He is, not - passive and...observant. SARA: What are the chances tha he was once human? HURRAIN: !!!! LING: Really, he has two very human characteristics, he has a gender and he eats. LLAM: Never thought of that. ROY: Umm, we should talk with him again, huh?
RED RAIN: I can open a safe pathway. IA'SFZ'ADA: You have imprisoned me. I understand you seek to preserve your welfare, but I am imprisoned for being what I am, hardly a thing of justice. LLAM: We agree, but your freedom as you are now is a pledge of our destruction. So I will ask you, how would you protect yourself from yourself? If something like unto your nature came your way and was capable of absorbing you? IA'SFZ'ADA: I don't know. DIOTH: Can you be selective about what - or whom - you absorb? IA'SFZ'ADA: No. Are you going to eradicate me? KHUOZA: No, we are not. We ask, were you ever a flesh-and-blood being such as that one? IA'SFZ'ADA: I am a flesh-and-blood being. I am a genetic dead-end of several million years ago. I have the means to change my vibrationary structure. You ask...? GWENN: Yeah, because this is a dilemma, the first real moral problem I think we've faced, ever, we've imprisoned you, as you say, for our own protection, as we say. But, have you ever tried altering how and what you feed upon? IA'SFZ'ADA: No. I have never even thought of such a thing. ROY: Yet when I became aware of your presence three days ago, you could have absorbed me but you didn't. Or were you incapable of it? IA'SFZ'ADA: I could not. LLAM: Why? IA'SFZ'ADA: There is an impermeability to all of you. DIOTH: There are things which you cannot absorb, then? IA'SFZ'ADA: Yes, damn it! SARA: He's human, alright. You're human, you say. From long ago. Did you know of love? IA'SFZ'ADA: It is new to me. I think you are giving a name to your impermeability. You are all bonded somehow, to absorb one I would have to absorb all...I mean virtually everything. That I cannot do without destroying myself in the process. "KATHY:" I have run a cross two or three other beings like yourself out in the depths, and so has Alfedas. ALFEDAS: Why did you leave this planet? Why did you come back is more to the point! IA'SFZ'ADA: I had nowhere else to go. I left because i was aware of the destruction I was causing. LLAM: He's dying, we have to do something now! JENNY: Have you ever died? [sends him a packet of what she means] IA'SFZ'ADA: No. I... HURRAIN: You go to a different vibrational plane, your nature conforms to the local conditions. IA'SFZ'ADA: I am afraid! STRO MOON DAGLO: Well you should be! Red Rain, open barrier for me please. JANE: Stavros! STRO MOON DAGLO: I am here with you now. You are not alone. Take my hand. IA'SFZ'ADA: I will destroy you! STRO MOON DAGLO: No. Please, I am not afraid! [Stavros grabs the flickering form.]
IA'SFZ'ADA: I...what? I...I am so confused. HURRAIN: Welcome to the Outlands Community. You have a home, people with whom you can talk, work to do. And a chance to leave behind fear forever. Whaddaya say? IA'SFZ'ADA: Is that the form I inhabited? TERRENCE: Yes. IA'SFZ'ADA: It seems to be disintegrating, what? RED RAIN: You...just...died. IA'SFZ'ADA: But I am alive! LLAM: And always will be. Will you stay with us? IA'SFZ'ADA: Now I see. I didn't know...didn't know why I came back here. I guess i wanted to die at home. PERRY: You were LONELY. IA'SFZ'ADA; [staring at Perry] You're beautiful! SARA: Yeah, he's human alright! [hugs him] Stay! ROY: I can finally see you. My god! IA'SFZ'ADA: "God?" TERRENCE: We'll explain. Let me show you around? Good.

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